OfficeTime Version 2 – Better Time Tracking

Capture more hours. See your projects at a glance. Keep tracking even offline.

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This is your beautiful new way of working – all your projects and time easily accessible in a single window. Group projects by client, see at a glance what’s on budget and rest easy that you and your team’s data is always up to date across all devices with the new cloud sync. Capture more time than ever before and see at a glance where you and your team’s time has been going. Enjoy better reporting and increased billings.


A proper program for your Mac or PC.
Work offline. Be notified when idle. Keep your data on your computer.

Why we’re crowdfunding

We want to get OfficeTime in your hands as soon as possible. Funds raised means we can dedicate more resources to development and finish it sooner. (We’ve already built most of it.)  Plus by giving you early access, we get better feedback sooner.  That means a more polished app that’s built specifically for real world needs.  Your support will help us make the best OfficeTime yet.

What’s new?

We made the OfficeTime based on the feedback of thousands of customers like you.  Your wishes and frustrations have directly gone into shaping this bold, new way of tracking your time.  For more than a year, dozens of people from our private beta team have been testing, refining and shaping OfficeTime to help make it even easier to track and report your time. Here’s some highlights of what’s new:

Cloud sync

All your changes instantly available on every device. Even running timers are synced.  Start timing on your iPhone and when you sit down at your computer, it’s there running ready for you to add notes or stop.
Team sync

When a team member starts a timer on their phone or computer, you see it immediately. Create a new project, choose who is allowed, and everyone is able to instantly start tracking on it. Plus, hide your bill out rate and end client which is particularly handy for contractors. You choose who sees the big picture or just their own data. See which projects are approaching budget and who has put the most hours into them. Edit team time and make invoices with it or see reports on exactly what your everyone has being doing.
Group projects by client

Now group your projects by client and see how each of them is performing. If you have many projects, this is a great way to keep them organized. Plus there are great new reports like uninvoiced time by project for your client.
See who is approaching budget

See at a glance what’s on target and what’s over budget. It even tracks team time.
Capture untimed hours

You already love that OfficeTime lets you assign time you’ve been away from your computer. But what if you forgot to start a timer? Now easily capture exactly those lost hours in a new entry or retroactively start a timer. You can even be reminded that you’ve forgotten to start a timer.
Intuitive time entry

Easily enter time you didn’t track by simply typing it in. Like “10-11:15” or “8 to now”. Plus easily capture from exactly you left off.

Easy, flexible reporting

See a summary or detailed account of exactly where you and your team’s time has been going. For the first time you can now summarize by multiple things at once. For example, how this month’s projects compare to the previous month. There are dozens of built in instant reports and you can easily customise them to see exactly what you need
Redesigned mobile tracking

In 2019 we’ll be releasing a beautiful new app for iPhone and Android designed with love from the ground up. Adding lost time, starting common tasks, and making the little adjustments you always need will be faster and smoother than ever before. The mobile version is free with all subscriptions and as an early supporter, you’ll get advanced access too. Of course OfficeTime will continue to work with the existing iPhone/iPad version including cloud, team and wifi sync.

Why choose OfficeTime over a web app?

  • Work without an internet connection.  Spend less time waiting for web pages.
  • Do things no web app can do: Quickly change timers from the menubar or taskbar, be notified when you walk away from your computer while timing, be reminded when you work without timing, and easily capture that lost time with a click.
  • Your data is yours. With web apps you could suddenly lose all of your data if the company dies or suffers a tech glitch. With OfficeTime you control your data. It lives on your devices and will always be there.
  • Your app is yours.  A web app could disappear any day.  OfficeTime will keep working even if you cancel your subscription or we go belly up.
  • You can be cloud free. Sync via wifi if you wish and your data will never, ever be stored anywhere other than your own devices. We guarantee with wifi sync that no time entries will ever be sent to us.

People like you are already using it. Here’s what they think…

“The first time I opened version 2 I knew there was no turning back. Version 2 has a modern design, its UI is clear and user friendly and it helps me keeping track of all my projects and budgets in an organised way. The reports section offers a wide range of possibilities to examine ongoing and finished projects. It has become an invaluable tool.”
René Andritsch, Graphic and Motion Designer at

“Version 2 is more like a reliable personal assistant now than a software program. The design feels clean and modern and the features are relevant (no additional noise). It knows what it is, nothing more, nothing less. It’s solid.”
Shane Thomson, Co-founder / Director of Urchin Associates

“The Client feature is extremely useful where I’m on contract to handle a specialized part of a court case for another lawyer’s client, as it keeps all those cases grouped separately from my own direct clients. Version 2 is very flexible.”
Robert Lithgow, Attorney

“OfficeTime helps me keep track of my work time. And time tracking is a real pain for me, but OfficeTime makes it much much less painful. It is simple to use because not overloaded.”
Andreas Fleischer, Wulz&Meesen GmbH

“OfficeTime is an ideal way to track work time and expenses.  It’s elegant and simple to use, yet very powerful and flexible – and  I appreciate v2’s new support for tagging projects with colours, and sorting them by client.”
Steven Naylor, Composer / Performer / Producer,

“One of the most important features for me is that OfficeTime notices if I leave the computer and then pauses the timer. It’s the single most important factor that makes me use OfficeTime and not any of the web based time apps. Being reminded when I’ve forgotten to start a timer is a welcome new feature in Version 2.”
Mats Håkanson, Corporate Communications Consultant

I use OfficeTime when I need to accurately track time for my clients and love the new client feature. It seamlessly integrates with my MacBook Pro to document time spent and generate reports. It’s the best”
Justin S. Kahn, Kahn Law Firm, LLP



Sunshine Freelancer Business
$69 $49single purchaseSubscription free,
cloud free
time tracking.
$8 $4monthlyProfessional
multi device
time tracking.
$18 $9monthly per personTeam sync,
priority support and expanded reports.
Keep the app always, even if you cancel your subscription
Devices one Mac or PC at a time all your devices all your devices
Money back guarantee
Regular security updates and bug fixes
Redesigned iPhone/iPad and Android app included
Free new features
Cloud sync
Online backups
Team sync
Expanded reports
Enhanced security
Priority support
Upcoming premium features included
All plans include core features such as: invoicing, idle tracking, expenses and calendar sync. Wifi sync and sharing data via Dropbox is also supported .
All pre-purchased subscription time is on sale. Renews after at regular, non sale, price.

Money Back Guarantee!

We’re doing something that as far as we know no other crowdfunder has done: we’re guaranteeing you’ll like it. It’s so important for us that you’re happy with OfficeTime that we’re letting you can cancel at any time and get a full refund on the unused part of your time, and you get to keep the app and all your data for free. This guarantee applies to everything, even lifetime purchases!

Plus if you cancel during early access, or even within 120 days after release, we'll take the app back and refund every penny! That’s our happiness guarantee. Any excuse refund. Full refund on unused parts and 100% refund from now until 120 days after release.

Keep the app for free!

So many people said they hate being locked in, that they don't want to pay a ransom to access their data. So, we're doing something that no other subscription service has done before. If you choose not to renew or not to upgrade, or even if you cancel part way through your subscription, you keep the app! And it keeps working. You can invoice with it, run reports, even continue to sync to your iPhone via wifi. And you can resume your subscription anytime to enable cloud sync and get the latest updates. Get a pro-rated refund anytime and keep the app, or return the app and get a 100% refund in the 120 days following release.

And you always keep the app with the Sunshine Edition. You are never obligated to pay for upgrades. Keep it forever or return it within 120 days of final release for a full refund.

Why a subscription?

We want to earn your business every month, not just once. It’s now more important to keep our long term customers happy than our door kickers. And that feels right. In the past our new customers paid for the support of our old ones. Now it’s fair to everyone. We also don’t want a cycle of sitting on big features and waiting to put them out in the next paid upgrade. Instead we want to continually improve and get immediate feedback. This allows us to offer more frequent updates.

Many people have asked why they have to pay for the desktop and mobile apps separately. With a subscription it’s all together and it’s future proof. There’s an incredible new iPhone and Android version coming and that’s all simply included. You get it automatically without having to pay more.

Finally, we honestly can’t afford to do a proper cloud sync without asking the people using it to support it. We could have gone with free cloud sync services like iCloud or Dropbox. But these have limitations such as making it hard to support multiple platforms or teams. After exhaustive research, we realised the only way that we could make everything work for individuals and teams on any platform was by making and paying for our own service.

But I hate subscriptions!

You're not alone, we understand. That's why we have the Sunshine edition too. No cloud. No subscriptions. Buy it once and it's yours to keep. And you can choose to buy future updates or not just like the good old days.

Of course, if the main reason you dislike subscriptions is because you hate paying an ongoing ransom to access your data, we got you covered. Try the subscription and cancel anytime and you can keep both the app and your data.

How long is the discounted price good for?

You can choose how many years you want to pre-purchase at the discounted subscription price. The subscription then renews after at the normal, non-discounted price. You can of course cancel anytime and keep the app and your data.

At the end of this crowdfunder, we'll be raising the prices and opening it up to the general public. At final launch we'll again have discounts for current customers to upgrade but can't guarantee they'll be as good as this (and they certainly won't be better.)

Why are you charging for an upgrade?

We've been giving free updates for over a decade and this is our first paid upgrade. There's so much we want to do with OfficeTime. With this fundraiser and on-going subscriptions, we'll be able to put in place more of things you've asked for and that we've dreamed about. This is just the beginning for a whole new OfficeTime.

What's the difference between wifi sync and cloud sync?

Wifi sync is how apps used to talk to each other in the good old days. Your computer and your iPhone talk to each other directly over your home or office wifi. It still works but it means that you have to have both copies open at the same time and it doesn't work on some wifi networks. For your iPhone and iPad to sync with each other, they need both to talk to your computer first. And you can't wifi sync from computer to computer (but you can save your data on a shared drive like Dropbox.)

Cloud sync means all of your devices simply contain all your data. Make a change on any and it's there on your other device without any fiddling. For busy people, it saves time and hassle.

All editions can wifi sync. The Freelancer and Business editions can also cloud sync.

Can I still sync with the Sunshine Edition?

Yes. You can continue to sync to your iPhone or iPad via wifi and also sync to other computers via Dropbox or any other shared drive. Be sure you have it open on just one Mac or PC at a time. For the wifi sync to work, both the desktop and the iOS app need to be open at the same time. (With the Freelancer and Business editions, your data is just simply on every device without needing to fiddle.)

What's the cost of the redesigned mobile version?

We haven't decided the price on it yet. It's free for subscription customers and a separate purchase for the Sunshine Edition. For comparison, the current mobile version costs $7.99 as a one-off purchase.

When does my subscription start?

You get free time while OfficeTime is in early access. Use it for as much as you want. When it's fully released, your subscription starts. We're rolling out early access slowly to best support everyone. Your place is line depends upon how soon you purchase.

Can I upgrade or downgrade?

Yes, you can change at any time. We'll prorate a refund or upgrade.

What updates are included?

The Freelancer and Business editions are always up to date with security updates, bug fixes and new features requested by people like you. For example, we've got mileage calculations, project specific categories and search coming and you'll get it for free.

The Sunshine Edition includes all bug and security fixes for that version.

What is enhanced security?

We use industry leading Microsoft Azure secure datacenter to safeguard all data. All data is encrypted in transit to and from your machine. The Business Edition of OfficeTime additionally encrypts your data right on your machine and you can password protect the application too.

What are upcoming premium features?

When we get feature requests that are most likely to be used by business or team customers, they may get added to the business edition. For example, locking past entries so they can't be edited.

What does expanded reports mean?

The Business edition comes with additional one-click quick reports. Plus you can customize any report with up to four levels of summary (instead of the usual two). For example, see time broken down by Month, Team Member, Project and Category like this:

Can I add team members later?

Yes. With the Business Edition you can add team members at any time and you'll only be charged for the months they use it at normal price. (This sale price won't be available later.) You can also remove team members at any time and get a prorated refund.


Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between the versions?

The Sunshine Edition is subscription and cloud free.

Freelancer lets you sync everything up easily and you always have the latest updates

Business gives more professional features and allows a team to sync their time together.

Click Editions at the top of this page to compare them.

How do I upgrade?

As a current customer, you get the sale prices listed here.
First choose your edition (see the Editions tab). Sunshine is one-off. Freelancer includes cloud sync and free upgrades. Business has team sync. Then for Freelancer and Business choose how many years you'd like to purchase at a discount. Find that edition and the right number of years on right and click Support This. We'll contact you when early access is available and when the final product is released.

Can I keep my data?

Absolutely. The new version keeps everything you've already done. Plus you can safely go back to the old version anytime and keep all your recent changes.

What’s left to do?

We’ve had dozens of people in our private beta team using OfficeTime Version 2 for over a year. So most of the major features are in place. There are many refinements coming and there’s a number of interface variations we want to try and get feedback on to see if it makes life smoother. Personal and team sync needs some further testing before it’s ready and most notably needs to be implemented on mobile devices.

Are you really offering me all my money back?

Yes. Unlike a normal crowd-funder, you’re fully guaranteed. We want to make sure you have time to try the new version and feel happy with it. If when you get your hands on it, or even months after, you want a refund, it’s yours. Or even if you feel it’s taking too long to get to final release. For anytime during early access or even 120 days after release just ask and we’ll refund every penny. And after that we'll still refund you all of your unused subscription at any time.

Will it keep all my data?

Yes. All of your data is kept and can be used in the new version. The new version will also continue to sync with the current iPhone/iPad version. During early access, you have the choice to work with your actual data or play with a copy or test file. You can go back to the old version anytime.

The Sunshine Edition can be synced via a shared drive like Dropbox and can have only one copy open at once.

Will I lose my favorite feature?

No. We don't believe in taking things away. If it works for you now, it'll keep working for you in any edition you buy. That includes syncing to your iPhone or sharing your file across Dropbox.

Can I use it on both my Mac and PC?

Yes. Your subscription gives you a proper offline app on every device you own. And they all just sync up. Never worry about not having your current changes. It's always just there. And that includes cross-platform teams.

The Sunshine Edition can be synced via a shared drive like Dropbox and can have only one copy open at once.

Will it wreck my life if I try a beta?

Dozens of beta testers have been using OfficeTime Version 2 for over a year. So far, no one has lost or had any data changed. There have been little glitches as you’d expect in early access software but they’ve all been visual or functional annoyances rather than data corruption. OfficeTime will backup your data before upgrading it. And at any time, you can go back to the old version 1 keeping all of your new entries and changes. The only part thing that hasn’t been extensively tested so far is the cloud sync. And that is never turned on automatically. You can continue to wifi-sync to your iPhone and cloud sync later when it’s been well used.

What will the new iPhone/iPad/Android version be like?

Gorgeous. Simple. Functional. We’re rethinking from the ground up what it means to track time on the go. That’s focusing specifically on the easiest way on a mobile device to:

  • Quickly start timing, particularly something you’ve already worked on
  • Easily add time that wasn’t timed
  • See where your days have going

This will include seeing and adjusting your time in a lovely calendar and being able to easily plug in the gaps. Coming in 2019. Included free in your subscription.

I don't want my team seeing all the billing info

That's the great thing about the new team sync. You can choose who sees what. A team member can see only his or her own time or the whole team's. And you can hide bill out rates and expenses. And of course, invoices are not visible to the rest of the team. If you have any particular privacy needs, let us know at

What happens if I want to add or remove team members?

No worries. On the business edition you can add or remove team members anytime and we'll simply update your billing for only the months used.

Are you really offering a lifetime subscription?

Yes. That means free minor and major updates forever. It feels a bit crazy to offer this so it’s a limited time special for existing customers. We’ve been developing OfficeTime for over 10 years now and we don’t see any reason why we can’t develop it for another 10. Plus we're also offering you a money back guarantee. Ask anytime and we'll refund the unused portion as if you had a normal subscription.

Will you keep updating the new OfficeTime?

That’s the thing about subscriptions. We don’t have to earn your loyalty just once. We earn it every month. We’re going to use the revenue from subscriptions to keep improving OfficeTime constantly and provide even better customer support. We’ve got some great stuff planned.

Will OfficeTime version 1 still work?

For some time, yes. OfficeTime version 1 is fully MacOS High Sierra and Windows 10 compatible. OfficeTime version 1 is likely to continue to work in future OSes but that’s not guaranteed and we’re unlikely to be issuing substantial updates to it.

Can I got back to version 1 if I don’t like it?

Yes! You can go back at any time and keep all your data!  You can even switch back and forth between them.  And we're offering a full money back guarantee!  Don't like the new version. Tell us, get every penny back and keep using version 1.

What happens when my subscription ends?

We believe you should never lose access to your data.  We also think you shouldn't be ransomed into paying a company forever. If you cancel or don't renew, you get to keep the entire app and all your data. You can keep using it to add entries, run reports, makes invoices and export all of your data.  And renew your subscription anytime to get updates and cloud sync.

What happens to my data if you guys go bankrupt?

The thing we hate about cloud companies is if they suddenly die, you lose your data. We earnestly think that sucks. Even if everyone here got hit by the same bus at the same time as our data centre got flooded, you’d still have all of your data tucked safely on your computer or iPhone. Apart from cloud syncing, the app would continue working fine.

What happens if my internet goes down?

Nothing. Unlike a web app, OfficeTime works just fine offline. Next time you’re online, everything syncs up with all your devices.

How secure is my data?

We use industry leading Microsoft Azure secure datacenter to safeguard all data. All data is encrypted in transit to and from your machine. The business version of OfficeTime additionally encrypts your data right on your machine and you can password protect the application too!

And you can choose to use wifi sync on any edition of OfficeTime and your data will never leave home.

I don’t want my data in the cloud!

We respect that. You can keep syncing to your iPhone via local wifi. Your data will never, ever be sent anywhere without your permission. You might like the Sunshine edition which has no subscription or cloud sync.

Can I still do team reports without a subscription?

Yes. The new version will continue to allow you to import other people's data files to run cross-team reports. But you'll find the new team sync is much less work to keep everyone on the same page.

Can I still share my data across computers in the Sunshine Edition?

Yes. You can store your data file on a shared drive as you might do now with version 1. Just be sure to close one copy before you open the other. You can also continue to sync via wifi to your iPhone or iPad.

Will you offer an upgrade special on launch?

Yes. But it will be more limited than this one.

Will the new Mac/PC version sync with the current iPhone version?

Yes. It can still sync on your local network and we're adding cloud sync to the current version while you wait for the big redesign of the mobile app.

Will OfficeTime be available for Linux?

The demand hasn’t been strong enough for us to put out a Linux version yet. We’d like too though. In the meantime, many people use it with Wine.

What does the Doing Time t-shirt look like?

Included with all lifetime subscriptions. :)

Risk and challenges?

As we already have a working app, the biggest risk is in the time it takes to refine it and make it feel as smooth as possible. And as part of the early access, you’ll be able to use it through that process. We’ve been developing software for over a decade and hope we have the skills to get it shipped without unreasonable delay.

What happens if you don't reach your funding goal?

Your order will stil go through and you'll still get what you ordered. It may take us longer to finish the final product.

I still have questions!

Great. Drop us a line on We'll get back to you as quick as possible though we may be a little swamped helping out right now.


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